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Announcements 2017

Summer - the best time to buy turnkey information kiosks!

purchase any TouchPresenter powered information kiosks and get content creation services 50% off This summer deal beats the heat: Save on software and hardware for your interactive information kiosk, and benefit from 50% off content creation services. Get in touch with sales to learn more and to discuss your next information kiosk project. Keep customers, visitors and trade show attendees in the loop on what you do, and how your products and services help them.

Updated: 06.26.17

RollaPoll for Windows is here!

the RollaPoll for Windows survey app for survey kiosks and survey tablets running under Windows operating systemRollaPoll for Windows, the newest member of the Digivey survey software family, is a cloud-based survey app for Wi-Fi connected survey kiosks and survey tablets running under Windows 10, 9, 7. It is available as a Software-as-a-service subscription solution and fully compatible with Digivey survey software. Features include questionnaire design with Digivey Composer, one-click survey deployment to survey data collection devices close-by or far-away, online reporting and much more. The RollaPoll survey app for Windows is a real time-saver when it comes to survey deployment and data management.

Download the brochure to learn more about RollaPoll for Windows.

Updated: 02.11.17

Announcements 2016/2015

TouchPresenter Update

build interactive information kiosks with TouchPresenter information kiosk softwareThe latest TouchPresenter information kiosk software update focuses on helpful tools for kiosk content set-up. Among other newly added content creation features is the display of link properties of a design element, button, image. PDF document or video on demand. Properly licensed TouchPresenter users can download this update for free. Please contact Customer Care for assistance.

Updated: 12.29.16

Speaker Evaluations At Conference Surveys Made Easy

reach more respondents by adding Digivey online surveys to on-site surveysLooking for solutions of conference-attendee-friendly speaker evaluations? In collaboration with one our power users in the business service provider community, we updated the Digivey online surveys with a set of features geared towards streamlined speaker evaluations at conference surveys. Contact us today to learn more about this innovative approach that makes speaker evaluations a breeze.

Updated: 08.23.16

Digivey Plus Online Survey Update

reach more respondents by adding Digivey online surveys to on-site surveysWe added a variety of convenience features for marketing researchers to the mobile-friendly Digivey online surveys. Login to your Digivey online survey account and check it out.

Updated: 07.14.16

Field Trials - Book Yours Now

field trials with customized surveyBusinesses and organizations interested in conducting a field trial with one of our survey tablets can now sign-up to book a date. More information about the field trial.

Updated: 11.15.15

Windows 10 Compatibility

mobile surveys Android tabletsWe are pleased to confirm that our software products Digivey survey software as well as TouchPresenter information kiosk software are compatible with Windows 10.

Updated: 10.15.15

Latest release of RollaPoll for Android

mobile surveys Android tabletsThe latest version of our RollaPoll mobile survey app supporting tablets running under Android 4.4 and higher has been released. Users with legacy tablets <Android 4.4 should continue using the already installed version. Please call Tech Support at 602-438-2100 with questions.

Updated: 3.26.15

PRODUCT NEWS survey software

remote touch screen survey managementDigivey Survey Suite users will be happy to know that remote loading and deployment of surveys to their respective equipment can be done easily through upgrading their software.
For questions how to implement and use this feature, please call 602-438-2100.

Updated: 3.09.15

Update TouchPresenter information kiosk software

dual screen information kiosksLooking to attract more visitors to your information kiosks? We recently added dual-screen support to our TouchPresenter information kiosk software. If your information kiosk has a second monitor, you can now set it up to play videos, messages, announcements and ads independent from the main information kiosk screen.

Updated: 3.09.15