Digivey Survey Software Version Comparison

The Version comparison of Digivey survey software standard and professional helps with the selection process.The Digivey Survey Software comes in two versions: Standard and Professional. While the Digivey's Standard version contains all features needed for basic and intermediate survey management, Digivey Survey Suite Professional offers additional features and questionnaire design tools not contained in the standard version but useful for power users in the professional researcher community, assessments in the healthcare field and for special survey projects.

The version comparison below shows the most important differences between the regular and the professional version of Digivey survey software:

Which Digivey survey software version is right for you?

Digivey Survey Suite Standard
Digivey Survey Suite Professional
All closed ended questions - single choice and multiple choice
All open ended question types
Interactivity - branching, skipping, piping
Interactivity - overlay drill downs
Questionnaire sequence control tools - e.g. randomization
Quiz and assessment tools, e.g. scoring
Advanced quiz and assessment tools, e.g. customized quiz and assessment report output
Multimedia integration; pictures, videos, flash
Notification and alerts tools effective at the end of a survey
Notification and alert tools effective interim survey
Multilingual support, including translation help
Support for spoken surveys; text-to-speech
Sound studio for question recordings directly from within the Digivey survey software
"Kiosk idle" features/attractors; e.g. playing attractor screens and slide shows
Advanced kiosk attractors
Basic questionnaire navigation
Advanced questionnaire navigation
Coupon and other document printing
Basic analysis
Customized analysis
Report customization tools
Support of peripherals; bar code scanners, magnet stripe readers, printers, business card scanners, drivers license scanners, etc.
Access to Digivey Plus online surveys
Access to Digivey Data Bridge for custom data export to third party  data bases
Access to Digivey Data Shuffler for remote control of project uploads and data downloads
GIS (Geographic Information System) support

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