Why Touch Technology?

Touch technology is easy to use and incredibly fast.Touch technology for survey data collection and information kiosks helps automate and streamline processes and save costs. It is fast, easy, efficient and most importantly, it supports paperless processes.

Touch Technology for Surveys:

Today's fast-paced market environment is in need of customer insights on the spot. Any business interested in improving the customer feedback gathering at the point-of-sale, point-of-care, point-of-service and point-of-experience will ultimately benefit from improved survey management, experience much shorter project turn-around and higher quality of the data collected. The paperless survey process supported by the Digivey Survey Software is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The sense of touch is one of the first senses developed in newborn humans. It's not surprising that people are drawn to touch screens and enjoy using easy-to-use touch-screen applications. 

Touch screen surveys provide a variety of benefits

  • Faster than any other data collection methodology in the market today

  • Less workload and cost

  • Paperless --> environmentally friendly

  • Higher quality results in less time

Streamlined processes for higher efficiency

As with most electronic survey methodologies, touch screen surveys are computer-guided and data is computer-compiled. This eliminates the need for a specialist to look through each questionnaire, and to code and tabulate the results. A significant amount of time, workload and costs is saved through the use of touch screen surveys.

Are touch screen surveys reliable?

Scientific studies have shown that the reliability of self-administered, interactive market research is equal to or higher than the reliability of other survey data collection methodologies such as paper surveys.

The pre-designed survey data collection process enhances the reliability and usability of the collected data. Why wait? Try the interactive marketing research for yourself and leverage the power of interactive Digivey touch screen surveys now.

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Touch technology attracts customers to information kiosks

Technology-savvy customers are attracted to customer-facing technology. More so, as an ever increasing number of self-service kiosks enjoys preferred use in a wide variety of retail situations, from banking applications to airport check-in and grocery check-out.

Some of the benefits of touch technology for the gathering of customer feedback are shared by information kiosks:

  • Ease-of-use (no computing knowledge needed to control a touch screen computer)

  • Paperless, environment-friendly rich media information output

  • Virtually zero maintenance cost thanks to easy to update electronic kiosk content

  • Better customer service through self-service information on demand

  • Opportunity to engage in a dialog with on-site customers

  • Cost-efficient customer information solution

  • Bridge from brick and mortar store to web presence

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