Support You Can Count On

Get help fast from CREOSO support.We take support seriously. Reach us at the office during MST business hours or reach us at the hotline outside of business hours. Just call or email us and we'll be happy to help.



Ways to reach support:

  1. During MST business hours call us at 602.438.2100 ext 204
  2. Outside MST business hours call the support hotline at 602.670.0707
  3. Post a message via the contact form

Support for complete Survey Systems/Information Kiosks:

Reach live support for your Digivey-powered survey equipment by phone, hotline, email or web meeting.If you call for assistance with survey stations or survey kiosks, please have the following information on hand before contacting support:

  1. Type of survey station - handheld, desktop or kiosk
  2. If known: brand, model and serial number
  3. When purchased / when rented

General Support Software:

  1. Consult with the installation notes received with the delivery
  2. If the error occurred after successful installation, consider searching the interactive help manual 
  3. If possible, email a screen shot of the error message and/or a screenshot of what you were working on
  4. Let us know what version of the software and what operating system you are using and mention any anti-virus and security software that's installed on the respective machine
  5. Describe as detailed as possible what was done before the error occurred
  6. If any peripherals are part of the problem, please add a short description of the respective peripheral

Support for Software licensing:

  1. Make sure to copy the license activation key without adding additional characters or spaces
  2. Remember that Vista operating systems under certain settings may require the user to permit a program to run
  3. When a computer, survey station or kiosk becomes unusable or gets exchanged for another, please contact us by phone (866.665.0533 or email) to assign the respective software license to the new computer

Before you call support:

  1. Please make sure the power plug is plugged in correctly and if working with battery-operated survey devices please check whether the batteries are depleted
  2. If possible, please look for the serial number, make and model of the hardware
  3. Save all work and restart your computer, then check if the problem persists
  4. If a printer is connected to the kiosk or the survey station, please check on the paper and clear all paper jams. If the problem is persistent, please call technical support (866.665.0533 or 602.438.2100) for assistance. Outside MST business hours, please call the hotline: 602.670.0707.