Fast and efficient survey data collection with the help of touch technology

Survey data collection with the Digivey survey software and touch screen devices is fast and reliable.One of the cornerstones of customer survey management in quantitative surveys is the selection of the survey data collection methodology. In the digital age online surveys and kiosk surveys as well as mobile surveys with tablets are the most frequently used survey data collection methodologies to collect feedback from customers at the point of sale, point of care and point of service.

CREOSO's worldwide renowned Digivey survey software was designed with touch screen data collection in mind as the directness and speed of touch technology makes the survey data collection process more comfortable and quicker for the respondents.  After all, without customers willing to share their experience they had with a product or service there would be a missing link vital to the success of a business.


When to decide which survey data collection technique to use for a particular customer feedback project?

This should determined prior to commencing a research project as it is important to determine in an early stage of the project where the respondents for the project can be reached.


5 outstanding advantages of the touch screen survey data collection technique

More information on touch technology.


Selection of touch screen survey equipment

Touch screen survey data collection can be achieved with handheld survey devices, survey stations for desktop, wall-mount or pole-mount and survey kiosks.