About Us

Creoso is a Microsoft Certified PartnerWhat makes CREOSO different from other vendors? The answer is simple: we are not only passionate about what we do, but we do it better.  Our dedicated team of professionals designs products weathering the challenges of real-world users and delivers exceptional customer care. At CREOSO we understand that it not only takes great products but it also takes consistency, an innovative spirit and exceptional support to succeed and to win and to keep the trust of our users and business partners.

Some of the benefits of our products and services our customers enjoy:


For us, every survey project or information kiosk initiative is mission critical. Our customers rely on our solutions to perform in front of the customer.


Customer-facing technologies like on-site surveys and self-service information kiosks need to meet the highest performance standards. We design solutions that work. Our kiosks work harder for our customers.


As technology changes, so changes the market. Our software team ensures that our products adapt and grow according to our customer's future needs.


A well-rounded industry software solution like the Digivey survey software ensures that its users can complete more in less time.


We design our products to provide more value for the individual user through the implementation of a range of a broad range of features, useful to cope with today's tasks and tomorrow's challenges.


Every time we build-in new features in our software applications, we take great care to mask the complexity of the programming code behind the system and make features easy-to-use for the normal user. 


We offer a wide range of turnkey survey solutions. The way we create our software programs shows we respect the user's need for flexibility. Different needs require a different approach and innovative solutions.

Exceptional Customer Care

CREOSO's customers from all over the world enjoy the benefits of outstanding product support and a team that genuinely cares about the user's success.